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Our engineering services are delivered thoroughly our wholly owned by MBM-MBL. Tenon acquired and today it provides a comprehensive range of certified services that covers more than 7 million square feet. It has a cross industry experience and expertise through a diverse client base and with over 500 facilities professionals adept in diverse practices including technical services.

The broad spectrum of services include:

Electrical Lighting and Power System Installation.
Fire Fighting System.
Critical Systems Management.
Sanitary and Plumbing Services (Water pumps, Water Supply System, Plumbing, Drainage and Sanitation System).
Fire Protection System (Sprinklers, Hose Reels, Wet & Dry Risers, Fire Alarms).
General Building Management and Maintenance Services.


A Managing Agent is a contractor (a.k.a. service provider) engaged by the Management to manage the estate, normally on a year by year contractual basis. As most of the Council members are volunteers, the actual day-to-day management of the estate is delegated to the Managing Agent, except the powers to make major decisions.

Managing Agents are Jacks of All Trades. Typically, they have to handle the following for the Management Councils:
General Management Services
Property Management
Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
Professional consultancy services
Maintenance and Inspection Services
Maintenance Management
Supervision and Certification of works
Audit and inspection of facilities

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